Why is My Car Overheating?

Toyota Service Mechanic

Have you ever been stranded alongside the road with steam rising out of your radiator? What does it mean when your car overheats? Our service department wants to help keep you safe and your car running in top shape on our Parker roads. So, we’re going to discuss what causes a car to overheat and what to do when a car overheats. If you’re wondering, “Why is my car overheating”, keep reading!



Why is My Car Overheating?: Possible Causes

More than one frazzled Bullhead City driver has arrived at our service center asking, “Why is my car overheating?” There are a limited number of reasons a car would overheat, and it is a simple matter for our staff to diagnose the problem. Still, it’s good to understand what causes a car to overheat, so you can make informed choices about repairing your vehicle. What does it mean when your car overheats? Here are some reasons:

What Does it Mean When Your Car Overheats?

  • The radiator is leaking or has a blockage
  • A faulty water pump
  • A leaky hose
  • A hose with a blockage
  • A seal or gasket that is cracked
  • The coolant is not mixed properly with water

What to Do When Your Car Overheats

Along with knowing what causes a car to overheat, it’s good to know what to do if it happens. The name of the game here is safety. You want to avoid getting scalded as well as causing even worse damage to your car. So, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the A/C, and turn on the heat
  • Pull over right away to a safe spot
  • Turn the car off
  • Wait until the engine has cooled before opening the hood
  • Briefly touch the radiator cap. If it is still warm DO NOT open it!
  • Get your car towed someplace where it can be repaired

Let the Service Center at Anderson Toyota in Lake Havasu City Help

Watching your car overheat can be upsetting. The trained professionals in our service center can quickly get you back on the road, making the whole thing a distant memory. So schedule an appointment as soon as you notice an issue. And, while you’re here, check out our service specials. We’re conveniently located near Parker, so drop by today!


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