Toyota Tacoma Oil Type

2023 Toyota Tacoma
If you’re looking for a tough truck that’s versatile enough to adapt to your Parker needs, the new Toyota Tacoma is the perfect option. This nimble pickup truck delivers gutsy specs, incredible handling, and a one-of-a-kind exterior design that gives you confidence during your Bullhead City commute. All this, along with 7,000 pounds of towing capability, makes for the ultimate trail rider as well.



But with all this performance comes responsibility, as you’ll need to maintain and keep up with your Toyota Tacoma oil change. This means understanding your Toyota Tacoma oil type – giving you optimal performance and protection against overheating and other pitfalls. Our service department is always available to assist, and our parts department has you covered if you’re the DIY type. Keep reading for specific information on your Toyota Tacoma oil type.

Synthetic or Conventional Toyota Tacoma Oil Type: Which Is Preferred?

When it comes to oil changes, you’ve got a choice between synthetic and conventional. You’ve probably heard of both, but what’s the difference?

Conventional oil is more cost-effective – but it’s also less refined and doesn’t provide as much coverage and protection as synthetic. The synthetic variation delivers enhanced properties that are vital for high-performance vehicles like the Tacoma. If you’re the kind of Lake Havasu City driver that pushes your truck to the limit, synthetic oil gives you extended mileage between Toyota Tacoma oil changes, not to mention superior protection against breakdown, overheating, and building. When changing your oil, you’ll want to use a synthetic oil with a grade of SAE 0W-20 or SW 5W-20.

When to Get Your Toyota Tacoma Oil Change

When do you get your Toyota Tacoma oil changed? Well, the answer to this question goes back to whether you select conventional or synthetic motor oil.

If you’re on a budget and decide to use conventional motor oil, you’ve got about 3,000 to 4,000 miles between each oil change. You don’t want to push much further than 4,000, as you risk lower-quality running conditions and eventually a chance for damage.

On the other hand, if you’re running a synthetic motor oil, you’re able to go about 7,500 miles between oil changes. While synthetic oil costs a little extra, you end up saving in the long run because of the lower number of changes overall.

When you get your next oil change, it’s a good idea to let the pros at Anderson Toyota handle it so you get all the perks that come with our standard oil service. We’ll top off your fluids, check your battery and other cables, hoses, and brakes, and make sure your tires are aired out. We can also inspect and change your air filter, which is typically handled every other oil change, anyway.

Schedule Service at Anderson Toyota

Getting your Toyota Tacoma oil change in Lake Havasu City is easy as ever with Anderson Toyota. Use our service scheduling option to book an appointment with our service department for oil changes and other maintenance. Check our service specials as well for even more savings on maintenance tasks like oil changes and more!


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