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Toyota Highlander Oil Type

2023 Toyota Highlander in the Desert

Whether you like to do your own auto work or prefer to call the service center, you’ll want to plan for two Toyota Highlander oil changes every year at a minimum. So, what’s the best Toyota Highlander oil type to maximize efficiency and performance? That depends on your model year. New models require Toyota Genuine full synthetic 0w-20, while older models use Toyota Genuine full synthetic 5w-30 instead. Find out why your Toyota Highlander oil type matters, and get more service tips from the experts at Anderson Toyota!



Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil

When you visit the Anderson Toyota service center for a Toyota Highlander oil change, our technicians will use synthetic instead of conventional oil. So, what’s the difference?

  • Conventional oil is refined from crude oil, and it was once the only motor oil formulation available. While this formula works effectively in most cars, it is less chemically refined and sophisticated than the newer synthetic formulations.
  • Synthetic oil is the more modern motor oil formulation, which is more chemically stable and durable than options of the past. It resists oxidation, so it stays in good condition much longer than conventional oil. This means you can go a longer period of time between Toyota Highlander oil changes.
  • Synthetic blends combine both conventional and synthetic oils. This results in a mid-priced oil that has some of the benefits of synthetic oil. But if your owner’s manual says your car needs synthetic oil, it’s best to go with the full synthetic formula.

When to Schedule a Toyota Highlander Oil Change

When should you schedule your next maintenance appointment at Anderson Toyota? Most experts recommend changing your oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles for the best results. If you take part in more extreme driving conditions, like off-roading in Bullhead City or towing around Kingman, we recommend moving up your appointment. Talk with our service technicians to learn the best maintenance schedule for your unique driving habits.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change with Anderson Toyota

If you’re ready to schedule your next Toyota Highlander oil change in the Parker area, Anderson Toyota is here to help. Contact us today with any questions or schedule your next service today!


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